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Advertising Solutions

Automated Bidding Strategies for Google Ads, Bing, and digital ecommerce

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are digital runways for cash landings. Let’s make this a soft landing.. For customers just starting their journey towards a purchase, information and assurance is king. Compelling copy and clear calls-to-action drive sales.  

Bing & Google Ads

Bing & Google represent +90% of online search activity. Comma Labs builds hyper-competitive search campaigns with automated script bidding. Customize your search by business hours or weather.

Display & Shopping

Display advertising shows images of your products and offers on the top and sidebars of Google search and Google Deploy when you’ve got leading prices and high-demand products.

Content Solutions

Build Cold Google Searches into Warm Introductions

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to build an online customer base and position your products online. Need help writing content about your business, brand, or customer solutions?

Case Studies

Case studies help customers understand product value in real-world scenarios. Make a case for your products and services by walking through each step of the problem and solution.

Publishing & Editorials

Want to the attention of industry leading magazines, publishers, and influencers? That’s easy, just pull out your checkbook. Instead, we’ll help you package a professional press inquiry,

Manufacturing & Tech Marketing

Your most technical product solutions need simple translation.

Technical Writing

Convert technical product descriptions and complex subject matter into benefits customers understand. Engineers speak engineering, so do we. Meanwhile, production managers and executives needs simple language when justifying bottom line benefits. 

Technical Docs

Processes and procedures require clear, structured sequences and quick translation. Sometimes you need internal documents for employees and partners, other times customer-facing documents for proper maintenance, installation, and operations.

Technical Research

Smart customers gravitate toward brands and products that back up their claims with scientifically backed studies. We’ll help you synthesize the latest studies and research into your product campaigns and technical documentation. No need to bark, let the data talk.

B2B Marketing Consulting

Build Cold Google Searches into Warm Introductions

Local Search

Local search keywords and basic website infrastructure delivery huge gains when going head to head on Google with your local competitors. Local search SEO gets you in front of customers, we’ll let you decide whether you’re looking for locals or tourists.

Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization for businesses requires some down and dirty details. Dark SEO tactics like keyword stuffing and META magic are long over. Start with content written for humans and optimized for search robots.

Publishing & Editorials

Want to the attention of industry leading magazines, publishers, and influencers? That’s easy, just pull out your checkbook. What boxes do you want to check?


Need help scaling your business online? Every business is unique. Product campaigns and quick sales need smart advertising optimized for cheap clicks and purchase-ready buyers.

Conversation is Revenue

Build an end-to-end branding strategy over a 6 – 12 month campaign. Let’s lower your customer acquisition costs and build a platform for connecting your business to loyal, profitable customers.

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