Find the Right SEO Tool

Find the Right SEO Tool:

The first ting*: 

99% of you want a free SEO tool one. Gotchu.

These apps might reward you

A) Keywords Everywhere`- Free

  • Shows related keywords within your Google results
  • Download the data directly into a CSV from the browser

B) SERP-Stat – Free and Premium Version

Serpstat is the dark horse of keyword planning. 

Google data is wildly unreliable. Serpstat isn’t built to such focus on Google data.

  • Google data covers only native advertising and search engine data
  • Results are too broad; lacks competitor data and filtering options 
  • Gives your competitors the same data you have

Let’s remember, SERP, stands for ‘search engine results page’.

What I like about Serp Stat?

  • My competitors don’t know about it

It’s not built on Google but leverages the same data Premium filtering, long term keyword tracking, features save sorting time ($20 a month) Growing API capabilities 

Read the reviews on Serp Stat Google Chrome extension (free). Too good to be true, I know.

It’s not perfect. Sometimes, Serp Stat misses obvious keywords, and has a smaller window of Google-based search data. So, I’ll take keywords from sites like (Ad Planner | UberSuggest | Keyword.Io) and then run them through Serp Stat to compare.

This post is not sponsored by Serp Stat, but — it could be —*wink *wink *nudge *nudge @serp-stat. 

But seriously, it’s the most powerful premium SERP platform on the market for the money. 

Why is internet marketing so hard? It’s not; I just gave you all the tools you need. You do not need premium SEO tools for success. You’ll just spend 30 minutes finding your keywords instead of 10 minutes with premium tools.